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Shaul Hadar

Music For Games

I have the rare honor of putting here the official trailer of the upcoming space action game ” Illegal Aliens”.  I have the pleasure of writing some of its music, and the trailer uses one of my tracks.

Please check it out.


Here is a cool movie for the upcoming fps game, “illegal Alienz”, made in Unreal Engine.
The game is a great FPS in space, with really great game mechanics, graphics, and story. The demo showcases the face creation process in the game, and shows the large amount of customization available for portraits in game, and also some of the great graphics from the game itself.
I wrote the music for the cool demo, and I wrote a dub-step electronic track to suite this specific atmosphere :)


I wrote a music track for another great animation from Duruk.  The animation is based on the aftermath of 9/11 with a dark and cold atmosphere.

The video came third in a level design contest, and has got some really good reviews.  I focused my music writing here on a piano, some tribal drums and low sound effects to convey the feeling of something lost, and tragedy, yet with a slight optimistic ending.

I wrote a cool electronic/epic industrial music track to “MASS WARS”, which is a great fps
game being produced by Plasma City Entertainment.

About Mass Wars:

2074, a war broke out. The Void War caused mass chaos and destroyed all manned
In 2074, another war broke out. The Gold War ended badly in 2075 June 2, but in
2077, another war broke out but they would not be fighting humans this time…


Mass Wars – Mind Reflection – Mod DB